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Once upon a time, Shaun spent his nights as a DJ in various clubs. His name was known, if not widely, then at least in some of the right circles. But he got older, bills got more expensive, and a full-time job at an electronics shop simply paid better than three hours a night in a dark club.

He still has all his gear, and will occasionally still appear at clubs around London, but it's growing very occasional these days.

Now, he's still working at the electronics shop. He's thought about quitting and finding something more grown-up, but he's only thought about it. The shop is comfortable. Yeah, he kind of hates his job, and the hours, and most of the people he works with, but it's a constant force in his life, and one he knows will never change. And maybe if he stays there long enough, he'll make manager. Then he might even be able to say that he's doing something with his life.

Because according to most people (including his housemate, his stepdad, and his girlfriend), he's not doing much of anything. And the pub quiz definitely does not count.

And then there are the, er... mobile dead. Because we're still not using the Z-word.

Note on Appearance:

Shaun quite heavily resembles several other bar patrons, but he might almost be mistaken for Nicholas if you don't look too closely. He's just a bit taller, a bit heavier, and quite a lot more ginger.

For other pups played by the same mun, go here.

Shaun's timeline on Milliways.

Shaun Riley, as portrayed by Simon Pegg, is property of the aforementioned, Edgar Wright, and Working Title films. He appears here solely for roleplaying at [community profile] milliways_bar.

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